IIM Mobile Cellular and Satellite Data Solutions 

Industrial Communication Solutions

Z Series A Series 6200 Series

Internet In Motion data communications products, for commercial and industrial applications, have been providing wide area networking over cellular and PCS networks since their introduction in 2003. Available in both A Series and Z series form factors for both CDMA and GSM networks have addressed both medium and high speed networking requirements in locations where wired connections are either cost prohibitive or not practical. The IIM 6200 Device Server can be connected to either a wireline or a wireless network to meet a broad spectrum of M2M and Automation requirements.

The entire family of IIM products share a common Linux operating system, with a web based user interface and offer either standard or as an option the best administration and management in the industry. Regardless of what network you are using the IIM family of products present a consistent and intuitive interface to the tools you need to make mobile and fixed mobile data solution a cost effective networking strategy.

Asset Tracking Solutions For Business and Government

Internet In Motion Hardware supports many different AVL tracking Software Applications. IIM's open sourced architecture allows 3rd party developers and our expert staff to easily customize the GPS features to work with almost any GPS application, including legacy applications.

DataNET software, available through Internet In Motion, is the result of twelve years of evolution. It has been used by U.S. and Canadian government agencies for secure GPS tracking and IP packet data routing. The current version offers unsurpassed adaptability. DataNET is client/server based and can either be purchased for larger corporations and government agencies who want to operate their own private network. DataNET is fully integrated with MapPoint, Bing Maps, Google Maps, Google Earth, and other mapping platforms such as ESRI ArcGIS or SHP file maps. Licenses may be required for some mapping services.

The VisTracks Tracking Engine is an open system,contact IIM Sales for info, with programmable interfaces for partners to extend tracking capability to meet specific customer needs.

With VisTracks Tracking Engine, you can

  • * Visualize motion of assets over time.
  • * Capture asset location history for historical or real-time analysis.
  • * Compare motion against specific rule base and notify stakeholders of exceptions.
  • * Optimize route generation.
  • * Examine and respond to exception conditions.
  • * Perform forensic and audit analysis of actual asset movements.
  • * Manage mobile workforces.
  • * Monitor cargo and container location and instrument scheduling and logistics.
  • * Location-centric management and recovery of high-value assets within facility management.

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