IIM 6200 Device Server

IIM 6200 Series Linux Device Server

Out of the box the IIM 6200 is ready to meet the demanding requirements of application development and rapid product deployment with a reliable load of Linux 2.6 and hardware interfaces to support almost any application. This means that your development efforts can bypass hardware design, manufacturing, supply chain issues, and agency certification to focus on what is critical to your success, your application The IIM 6200's Linux operating system and the available no cost IIM 6200 SDK provides developers with a kick-start to deployment on an advanced stable platform. The IIM 6200 Device Server is shipped as a ready-to-use device, you simply connect, log on, and go to work. Once your application is complete, the software is simply flash-loaded to the Device Server Platform, using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Enclosed in a durable aluminum casing, the IIM 6200 is equipped with external connectors for dual 10/100 Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, two RS-232 ports, and a RS-485 connection. Inside the case a micro SD memory slot is also provided.

6200Z Device Server

IIM 6200Z - Embedded Linux Device Server

The IIM 6200Z is an embedded Linux device server based on the Axis ETRAX 100LX processor. Because it offers the same TCP and UDP PAD that IIM uses on the 2000 Series Cell Router line the IIM 6200Z makes the perfect wired bookend for a IIM Cell Router wireless network. The IIM 6200Z provides one each Ethernet, RS232, auxiliary serial interfaces and one each discrete input and discrete output. An IIM supported no cost development environment is available from us, please contact your sales representative at 866-715-2272.

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