IIM 2000A Cell Router

IIM A Series Wireless Routers

Internet In Motion'sŪ wireless routers have broad spectrum connectivity including serial, Ethernet, and USB devices. We provide a full family of wireless routers for every network application, all built on the Linux operating system, complete with firewall, GRE tunneling and a host of security and application options. Our IIM wireless application platforms are the only open source industrial development platform complete with a wireless router implementation that is both carrier and FCC approved for operation on most networks. The IIM developer friendly platform will save you time to market with your applications.

Out of the box IIM cell routers are ready to go to work in your network as a rugged, secure platform with a rich set of options like GPS, IPsec, AVL/LBS navigation, and SMS messaging. If you need to add your application to the IIM provides a no charge development environment to work with or we can do your development for you. Either way the savings are yours when your wireless box doubles as your application box. GSM or CDMA, HSPA, EVDO, EDGE or GPRS, IIM has the wireless application platform you have been looking for. If you prefer IIM professional developers can provide a turnkey rapid development custom application to push your project to the field quickly.

The A Series Cell Router is a completely self-contained, industrial-strength, cellular/PCS router that combines CDMA EVDO technology with the legendary Cell Router platform to provided broadband wireless communications that extend IP networks "over the horizon." The Z Series Cell Router provides always available broadband network connectivity for applications such as public safety, data center backup, and disaster recovery where bandwidth is critical.

Built in GPS
Available with IPsec
WAN Interface - EVDO with 1xRTT fallback, SMS (MO/MT)
Frequency - 800/1900Mhz
LAN Interfaces - Lan Interfaces M package - Ethernet (X4),auxiliary serial application port, discrete input, discrete output
Radio - Sierra MC5727

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